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Concklin Insurance Agency provides craft brewers that brew, package, and deliver a variety of brewed and malt products with comprehensive insurance solutions at competitive rates.

For over 30 years Concklin Insurance Agency has been providing the right insurance at a competitive price.
We will analyze your insurance needs, assess your current coverage, and design a custom program using top rated carriers.
At Concklin, our resources include:

  • Partnerships with national carriers, allowing us to compare coverage options and find the right coverage for your business at a competitive price.
  •  Highly experienced Licensed Insurance Professionals dedicated to your business; prepared to answer questions about coverage, billing, COI, and claims

Coverage Options

Concklin Insurance Agency is committed to providing competitive and consistent insurance at an affordable rate. We believe in offering the right coverage for your unique needs and represent carefully selected, financially sound, and reputable A+ rated Insurance companies.

Our goal is to reduce gaps in coverage, reduce costs through loss mitigation and risk management, and reduce stress by hiring well-trained, experienced insurance professionals.

Coverage options include:

You have unique risks, we have unique solutions.

What would happen if one of your key supplier’s facilities was damaged and they were unable to make deliveries for an extended period of time?

checkbox-303113-1  Business Income and Extra Expense from Dependent Properties Endorsement

If you lost a large portion or your supply or materials to contamination are you covered?

checkbox-303113-1  Brewers and Vintners Spoilage and Contamination Coverage

What happens when your brewing equipment stops running due to mechanical failure?
checkbox-303113-1  Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Does your brewery store equipment, supplies, or other items at another location in a small quantity too small to insure separately?
checkbox-303113-1  Property Off-Premises Endorsement

Your brew kettle gets hit by a forklift and is leaking beer everywhere! Is this loss covered?
checkbox-303113-1  Beer Leakage Endorsement

What would happen the pipes that move water to the Mashtun and Lautertun, yeast to the fermenting tank, and the final product to the bottling/kegging operations were damaged?
checkbox-303113-1  Foundation and Pipes included in Business Personal Property Enhancements

Do you store your raw materials and other equipment in outside silos, outbuildings or sheds?
checkbox-303113-1  Broadened Definition of Property Endorsements

Do you transport raw materials from your suppliers, or transport your products to local taverns?
checkbox-303113-1  Property-in-Transit Endorsement

Recalling products is expensive and time consuming, and sometimes necessary despite our best efforts. Does your insurance help with this cost?
checkbox-303113-1  Product Recall Expense Coverage

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