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For over 50 years, Concklin Insurance Agency has helped franchisees like Jersey Mike's purchase the business insurance they need throughout Indiana. We offer Jersey Mike's franchisees insurance solutions that work for them. We are the insurance agency of choice for Jersey Mike’s franchisees. When you work with Concklin Insurance Agency you get the best of all worlds – industry leading protection and time-saving advantages. We work with market leaders in small business insurance, bringing you consistent, reliable coverage.

Our coverage includes Deli Stretch, designed specifically to provide Jersey Mike’s franchisees insurance solutions. Deli Stretch provides unique coverage for sub shops throughout Indiana to protect against their specific risks and offers a great value with features you may not find elsewhere. This package includes Hired and Non-Owned Automobile, Temperature Changes, Outdoor Signs, Business Income for Off-Premises Utility Services, Employee Dishonesty and Accounts Receivable.

As Jersey Mike’s franchise insurance agency of choice for Indiana Jersey Mike’s franchisees, Concklin Insurance aims to eliminate insurance gaps before they become a problem. This is where our Franchise Upgrade comes into play. The Franchise Upgrade helps pay for additional costs a franchisee may incur to upgrade damaged property to franchise standards following a loss covered by the policy. This means your property is replaced or rebuilt to the latest franchise model as required by Jersey Mike’s – which may be more expensive than what was originally in place.

Our Jersey Mike’s franchisees insurance solution takes into consideration that you’re a small business and you depend on your essential personnel. Therefore, we include Business Income for Essential Personnel in our Jersey Mike’s Insurance Services to help cover lost business income and extra expenses (ex. overtime) incurred when business operations are impacted due to the sudden or unexpected absence of an employee. For example, the manager is out for six months receiving treatment for an unexpected illness and the shop’s business declines while they are away. Plus, there are extra expenses to cover the overtime incurred by the assistant manager working overtime hours.

Sub shops receive many orders every day from customers who likely make payment by credit card, making it easier for cyber criminals to access customer information. Cyber criminals are constantly using new and sophisticated ways to hack payment systems, access accounts and even steal identities. Data Breach coverage can help cover the cost you may incur if your systems were hacked and valuable information was stolen.

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Of course, our Jersey Mike’s franchisees insurance solution meets all of the Jersey Mike's® corporate requirements with the following coverages to protect the franchisee:

General Liability with $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate.

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Business Income (actual loss sustained) 12 months including extra expense.

Business Interruption Insurance, providing Royalty and Advertisement Fund payments to Franchisor

Crime coverage, including Employee Dishonesty.

Workers Compensation

Commercial Property Insurance covering Fire, Vandalism, Theft, and Burglary.

Hired and Non Owned Auto Coverage $1,000,000 per Accident.

Employment Practices Liability $500,000 Limit.

Full Replacement Cost on Tenant Improvements and Betterments as well as all Personal Property.

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