Hired Non-Owned Auto Insurance applies when an employee is using their personal vehicle for business-related activities.  Regardless of your industry, it is likely employees use vehicles for business purposes, such as client visits, going to the bank, dropping off materials, or picking up supplies.  

However, the most common activity employees use their personal vehicles for is delivery.  This is especially evident in the pizza restaurant space.

If an employee, using their personal vehicle for business purposes, gets in an accident, your business could be held liable.

Hired Non-Owned Auto insurance bridges the gap between Personal Auto, which often has exclusions for when a vehicle is being used for commercial/business purposes, and Commercial Auto which only applies to vehicles owned, leased or rented by the company.

Depending on your coverage, your policy may provide:

  • Legal Cost Reimbursement: If you are sued as a result of an employee getting into an accident, Hired Non-Owned Auto insurance can help cover legal expenses following a claim.
  • Protection for employees of all statuses: Hired Non-Owned Auto policies can provide coverage for all staff, including full-time, part-time and temporary employees.  

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