Why do you need Video Gaming insurance?

Video Gaming represents increased exposure and current property limits may not be adequate. Concklin Insurance represents top rated carriers that provide comprehensive coverages for restaurants, bars or taverns licensed for video gaming.

Concklin Insurance offers:

  • Interest free carrier financing with monthly installments
  • Multiple top rated carriers for a customized cost effective quote
  • Extensive experience in restaurant and hospitality industry
  • Loss mitigation programs to help business reduce claims

The right coverage & competitive pricing

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Restaurant Operators: Be Proactive about loss control
Restaurant Operators: Be Proactive about loss control before your next inspection:
Risk manager inspections are typically ordered by Insurance Companies and often happen when a new policy is written or on a fixed schedule.
Any concerns identified by a risk manager inspection should be addressed by the business promptly, as they could cause higher premium costs, or even risk coverage being revoked if not corrected.
By proactively addressing any concerns that may arise during an inspection, policyholders can feel confident in their operations.

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