Restaurant & Hospitality Insurance

Coverage Made to Order.

Being in the food service industry can come with a lot of risks that need to be taken into consideration when developing an Insurance Program.

  • You may employ waitstaff and have table service  
  • You might offer alcoholic beverages
  • You could offer dine-in, take-out and/or delivery options.
  • Perhaps you have live entertainment, contest, or promotions
  • You could be a single location, a franchisee, or looking to expand

Whatever your restaurant offers, you need insurance coverage that is tailored to your unique restaurant experience.

Concklin Insurance Agency has been providing insurance solutions to the restaurant and hospitality industry for over 30 years.  We have spent years developing relationships with insurance carriers that specialize in restaurant and hospitality insurance so we can offer you a customized insurance program that is tailored to your unique needs.

A Recipe for Protection

Equipment Breatdown restaurant-1
Your business depends on functioning equipment to operate and maintain revenue. A breakdown could be devastating, particularly a freezer or refrigeration unit. Equipment Breakdown Insurance typically covers (in the event of a covered occurrence) the cost to repair the item, perishable goods, expediting expenses, and more.

Additional Coverages

Workers Comp

Workers' Compensation offers protection in the event your employees become injured or ill as a result of their employment.  Each state has requirements for workers' compensation, depending on the location of your business your requirements may differ.  We offer Workers' Compensation that meets your state's requirements.  Depending on your operations you may find it advantageous to pursue Pay-As-You-Go options.

Hired non owned auto

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance is essential for all businesses with employees.  It provides liability coverage for the business owner when an employee operates a vehicle (other than a company car) when doing tasks or errands on behalf of the company.  This includes tasks like taking deposits to the bank or making deliveries.

liquor liability

Liquor Liability is typically required by law if you serve, sell, or allow persons to consume alcohol on your premises.  Businesses can be held responsible  for the bodily injuries and property damage caused by a person who was served alcohol at their establishment. Concklin Insurance Agency can help you navigate the risks associated with serving alcohol and steps you an take to mitigate those risks.

General Liability

General Liability  protects your business from damages involving bodily harm or property damage for which your company is found legally liable, such as slips and trips.  Adequate coverage is especially important for restaurants due to public access to the premises. 

Property Insurance

Property exposures in restaurant can come from many sources including equipment failures, food spoilage, natural disasters, customers, employees, and other employees.  Fire and water damages are of particular concern due to things like open flames, complex HVAC systems, sewer backups, and appliances connected to water.


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Michael Mormando

Michael, originally from New York and a graduate of the University of Denver, enjoyed a long tenure in the hospitality industry as a restaurant owner/operator, prior to joining Concklin Insurance. Michael gained a unique perspective of understanding and appreciating the ongoing difficulties in what today’s economic environment brings to everyday business people. Starting his insurance career, Michael felt his natural customer service talents would work best assisting business owners in managing their insurance programs effectively to ensure proper coverages and very competitive premiums available through Concklin Insurance.

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Michael O'Donnell

Michael O’Donnell joined the Insurance Industry after graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a Finance Degree in 1992 and became a producer at Concklin Insurance Agency in 1995.  Mike specializes in insuring restaurant and Franchise business and has worked with franchisors to establish proper insurance requirements are established for their franchisees. He takes a hands-on approach to insurance and understands his clients’ diverse needs. Mike provides the caring expertise required to review and customize an insurance program that provides his clients with excellent coverage while balancing budgetary concerns.