Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance offers coverage against claims of property damage and injuries that are the result of the consumption of alcohol. Commonly this coverage is closely associated with taverns, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that serve alcohol. Coverage requirements vary by State Law and it is important you talk to a qualified Insurance Advisor about what coverage is required for your business.

In the State of Illinois, for example, any business that sells liquor must have liquor liability. This includes catering companies, event venues, hotels, liquor stores, trade shows that offer liquor samples, private clubs, and more.

However, there are situation outside of the selling of alcohol where liquor liability can come in to play. Businesses that do not sell alcohol, but host holiday parties at their location could find themselves facing liquor liability if a party goer gets into an accident on the way home. The same goes for parties or any situation you serve alcohol at your home. The exposure lies on personal homeowners that entertain with alcohol involved just as much as it does a bar or tavern.

Claims Prevention

Liquor liability claims can happen any time liquor is involved. Having a properly trained staff is an important part of liquor liability prevention. Many Safe Serve and training certification programs exist.

If your business serves alcohol having a “Drive Home” service in place to prevent drunk driving claims is also a great idea. The basic principle of this program is if a patron is potentially over served (which can happen regardless of training) there is a plan in place to get them home safely.

If your business does not serve or sell alcohol as part of your regular service, the best prevention against a liquor liability claim is to avoid it all together by never serving or giving alcohol away.

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