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During construction or remodeling projects, general contractors can face a significant amount of risks in both property and liability.  From unintentional damage to a client or third parties property, to accidents resulting in injuries, to responsibility for materials, General Contractors have a lot on their plates.

Concklin Insurance Agency understand the unique risks of General Contractors.  We have been providing insurance solutions to small businesses for over 30 years as Independent Insurance Agents.  We have built relationships with over 40 regional and national insurance companies to make sure we can provide the right insurance at a competitive rate.

We value hard work and dedication which is why we hire Trusted Insurance Advisors and Licensed Insurance Professionals to assist you with every step of the insurance processes.

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Builders Risk

Builders risk insurance is a specialized type of property insurance that is intended to provide protection for buildings and structures that are under construction. These policies protect project owners, general contractors and subcontractors against direct physical loss or damage to covered property. This policy protects the property investor's original purchased asset, which is the cost of the land and building, and all additional monetary investment that is spent on remodeling, tear down and rebuild, conversion, etc. Builder's risk policies include property and general liability coverage.

E & O

General Liability policies do not provide coverage to protect against errors and omissions.  General contractors in particular are vulnerable to claims of negligence. Errors & Omissions (E&O), also known as Professional Liability, closes the gaps by providing contractors coverage related to failing to deliver on promised services, errors and oversights, negligence in providing professional services, and poor, incorrect or incomplete work.

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Workers’ compensation insurance benefits are available to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of a work-related incident. Pay as you go worker’s compensation insurance is a solution that many businesses use to manage the rising costs of this insurance. Instead of charging large up-front costs, pay as you go workers’ compensation insurance allows companies to pay premiums as they pay their normal payroll.

General Liability

At a job site the contractor is ultimately responsible for all injuries and property damage that are results of the construction operation.  This includes acts of omission by subcontractors.  Construction sites are rife with the possibility of danger, from tripping hazards, objects dropped from ladders, to being attractive nuisance for children, vandals and thieves.  It is vital that your operations have sufficient General Liability Coverage.

Commercial property-2

Depending on your operations your property exposure is likely limited to an office and possibly a yard to store building materials or equipment. If materials are stored on site, such as lumber or bricks, there is an increase risk of fire, weather damage, vandalism, and theft that should be considered in your policy.  It is important to have your Commercial Property Coverage tailor to your operations.


License and Permit Bonds meet clients' requirements that the general contractor obtain financial guarantees for the completion of projects and payment of labor and supplies.


All Commercial leased vehicles should have a Commercial Auto Policy.  If you are using your personal vehicle to transport equipment and supplies you should verify that you personal auto policy offers adequate coverage.

Most insurance rates can be reduced with discounts for safety features and paid-in-full options.


inland marine - final

Inland Marine provides the coverage necessary to cover the dollar amount for the transportation of equipment, materials or assets of any kind by truck or semi-trailer, freight train, or shipping boat (within America).


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