Condo Association Insurance

Insurance for jointly owned property.

Concklin Insurance Agency provides the habitational industry with customized insurance programs for Condo Associations.  We have contracts with over 40 national and regional carriers and access to the CIBA and CISA award winning habitational programs.

Condo Association Insurance helps bridge the gap between landlord and homeowner by providing coverage for shared spaces, structures, and buildings. The association is responsible for the grounds, common areas & structures, and typically the bare walls structure of the unit buildings, and have liability for accidents that occur in common spaces.  The association bylaws will usually dictate which party is responsible for fixtures within the units.  

Customized Habitational Coverage

Additional Coverages

Condo Work Comp-1

Workers' Compensation protects employees who work on the premises if they are injured or become ill as a result of their job functions.

Condo Crime

Crime & Fidelity Insurance provides coverage in the event association funds are stolen, or other financial misconduct by an association board member occurs.

Condo Umbrella (1)

Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides extra security in the event a claim's expenses exceed that of the Property Coverage or General Liability Coverage Policy.  Once these policies have reached their limits, additional expenses would be picked up by the umbrella limits.  Generally these policies provide exceptional coverage increases at a fraction of the cost.

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Michael Mormando

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